Crucial Evidence

Margaret Barnes

Lenny Barker is pleading not guilty to the brutal murder of prostitute Shelley Paulson, while his defence barrister Cassie Hardman is left in no doubt of his guilt – that is until she learns of compelling new evidence in the high profile case to which only she is privy.

Risking her future career and her ambition to become a QC, Cassie Hardman seeks a fair trial for the accused Barker, and will stop at nothing to locate the missing witness who may hold the key to his acquittal.

Will she find the man in question before the jury retires to consider their verdict at the Old Bailey? And if Barker is acquitted of the gruesome crime who was really responsible?

Crucial Evidence is my first novel and draws on my experiences as a barrister defending in the Criminal Courts. During my career at the Bar I have represented all types of offenders, murderers, rapist and robbers.

I have always wanted to write a novel- after all, a jury speech is just a way of telling a good story, but unlike a writer, one can’t invent the evidence.
This book is a departure from conventional crime fiction as it focuses on the legal processes of the courtroom, and provides an engaging tale of a barrister who believes passionately in delivering justice, however challenging this may be.

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  • ISBN: 9781910162392
  • Paperback: 352 Pages
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Crucial Evidence