Fatal Step


I have just completed the first draft of my next Cassie Hardman novel. I’ve put it in a metaphorical drawer on my computer until February and then I will have to start punching it into shape.  Writers are advised to read their work out loud in orer to check for mistakes but I have discovered a great ‘Text to speech’ app on my Kindle that will allow me to listen to the words albeit in an American accent.  Working on a printed copy is another way of checking spelling and grammar, so thats also on my agenda.

In the meantime, I have a number of speaking engagements to fulfill with a number of branches of the Women’s Institute in Devon. The first is at Bridford Village Hall on 27th January at 2pm. One of the advantages of having a career like mine is that I have other things to talk about other than my novel. I am also writing about my life at the Bar on my blog www.scribblingadvocate.com.

2 Comments on “Fatal Step”

  1. Carole Poulton

    You recently came to speak at our women’s group in Burrington, North Devon and it was one of the most enjoyable presentations I have ever heard. I am fascinated by your stories about your career and full of admiration. I purchased a copy of “Crucial Evidence” and enjoyed every word. Thank you Margaret and do keep writing! Carole

    • Margaret Barnes

      I feel really bad about not replying before. I have been struggling with my next novel and only recently did I manage to sort out the plots. Then I have just been writing furiously. It’s with an editor now. Thank you for your kind words about my talk and I hope you enjoyed my Crucial Evidence.
      Warmest Wishes


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